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    Our Company: Strength in Stability

    Strength in Stability

    Over the last five decades, we’ve made home possible for homebuyers and renters nearly 80 million times. Follow our progress as we continue to serve our mission and deliver results for the nation.

    Our COVID–19 Response

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking action to protect our customers, employees, homeowners and renters nationwide.

    Helping Homeowners and Renters

    We are extending support to millions of owners and providing guidance to renters facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

    Providing Assistance to Lenders and Servicers

    We are maintaining stability for our customers in both our Single-Family and Multifamily businesses.

    Ensuring Business Continuity

    We are working to fulfill our mission of providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the U.S housing market.

    Educating the Community

    We are providing information and resources to help Americans navigate their housing situation during the pandemic through our Blog and the My Home? by Freddie Mac website.

    Making an Impact

    In the second quarter of 2020 we reported comprehensive income of $1.9 billion, demonstrating our continuous support of the housing market through all economic cycles.

    Fifty Years of Home

    Over five decades, we have provided more than $10 trillion to help more than 67 million homeowners and 11 million renters. See our impact in your state.

    Learn More about 50 years

    Building for the Next Fifty Years

    As we look to the decades ahead, we remain focused on building a world-class company that is meeting the needs of our customers while advancing the industry.

    Our 50 Year Milestone

    July 2020

    Since 1970, Freddie Mac has continuously delivered on its mission of providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the nation. Our impact is clear:

    • $9.8 trillion in single-family loan funding since 1970
    • $618.6 billion in total multifamily loan funding since 1993

    An Extraordinary Response

    March 2020

    Freddie Mac took unprecedented action to provide support to homeowners, renters and customers struggling as a result of COVID-19. We continue to provide information and resources through our redesigned consumer website My Home? by Freddie Mac.

    Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security Goes Live

    June 2019

    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae To-Be-Announced MBS markets merged into a single $4 trillion market. Tremendous trading volume increases liquidity, potentially lowering costs for homebuyers.

    Celebrating 10 Years of the K-Deal

    June 2019

    Ten years ago, Multifamily launched its flagship K-Deal, a pioneering credit risk transfer (CRT) securitization that has fundamentally changed the way the multifamily housing market is funded. To date, we have transferred risk on over $410 billion of multifamily mortgages through K-Deals and other CRT executions.

    Single-Family Brings Self-employed Underwriting into the Digital Age

    March 2019

    Loan Product Advisor?’s asset and income modeler (AIM) is the only fully AUS-integrated income and asset assessment solution covering both W-2 and self-employed borrowers. In addition to minimizing risk, AIM is faster for lenders, easier for borrowers and provides greater transparency for investors.

    $50 Billion Home Possible Mortgage Milestone

    November 2018

    In less than four years, Home Possible?, our 3% down payment mortgage option, helped make homeownership a reality for more than 272,000 low- to moderate-income families – with nearly 80% of these loans supporting first-time homebuyers.

    Single-Family Announces CHOICE Mortgage Offerings

    November 2018

    To expand affordable housing opportunities, we announced GreenCHOICE℠ supporting energy efficiency financing and CHOICEHome℠ offering conventional financing for manufactured housing. In 2019, we added CHOICERenovation℠, to support financing of home renovations, repairs and improvements in a single-close transaction.

    Single-Family $1 Trillion Credit Risk Transfer Milestone

    June 2018

    In just five years, Freddie Mac has changed the way the residential housing market is funded – shifting credit risk away from taxpayers, creating new opportunities for investors and strengthening the market.

    Historically Low Multifamily Serious Delinquency Rate

    May 2018

    Due to strong underwriting practices, Multifamily’s serious delinquency rate remains near zero.

    Freddie Mac Re-enters the LIHTC Equity Market

    November 2017

    Our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity investments help keep affordable rental housing in reach for low- and very low-income households, many of whom live in historically underserved markets. At year-end 2019, our LIHTC equity investments totaled $1 billion.

    Single-Family Serious Delin­quency Rate Dips Below 1%

    January 2017

    Freddie Mac's Single-Family book of business is more than 99% current, thanks to Loan Product Advisor? – our backbone for safe and sound underwriting.

    Multifamily Launches Green Advantage?

    August 2016

    Freddie Mac Multifamily introduces options for financing green improvements, helping to lower operating costs for building owners and utility costs for renters.

    Freddie Mac Earns Three Prestigious Securitization Awards

    May 2016

    For the second consecutive year, our STACR? debt notes have been named "RMBS Deal of the Year" by GlobalCapital. Freddie Mac also earned top honors for Best Overall Securitization Issuer and Best RMBS Issuer.

    New Milestone for Rental Housing Financing

    December 2015

    Freddie Mac provided $47.3 billion to finance more rental housing than ever - with more than 90% of the units affordable to low- and moderate-income families. In 2019, Freddie Mac’s multifamily production volume reached $78.4 billion, as the overall market grew from $250 billion to $390 billion.

    Single-Family Introduces Loan Advisor Suite

    October 2015

    Loan Advisor Suite?’s leading array of digital tools makes delivering quality loans to Freddie Mac simpler, more efficient and more reliable for lenders.